Wisdom Environmental works with clients to help identify, review, and channel waste streams into solution-based recycling programs that help our clients start or expand their circular recycling programs.

Wisdom Environmental is the leading source of Spent Steel Shot and Spent Steel Shot Dust Recycling in the country. We work with our clients to meet their landfill diversion goals while providing innovative recycling solutions for these waste streams.


Wisdom continues to innovate and help our clients participate in the circular economy by offering Reprocessed Steel Shot in a variety of sizes.  We screen, clean and size the shot following SAE guidelines for steel shot sizing.   By purchasing reprocessed steel shot from Wisdom our clients benefit by purchasing steel shot at a discount and are not exposed to Scrap Steel Surcharges that are associated with the purchase of new steel shot.  Since our shot is recycled, we have limited availability and sell on a first come first served basis. Reprocessed shot can be packaged in 55 gallon drums or supersacks.  Sizes Available S330, S280, S230, S170, S110. Call today to get a quote and start participating in the circular economy while finding cost savings!

Wisdom Environmental
Recycling Solutions

Wisdom Environmental specializes in finding solutions for difficult to recycle manufacturing by-­products. Our goal is to help our clients find cost savings and provide landfill diversion opportunities, while bringing those by-products into the circular economy. Throughout the years Wisdom has recycled tens of thousands of pounds of by-products that were once considered waste and now are used as ingredients to manufacturer other products.

Wisdom Filter Clean Services

Stop throwing your dust collector filters away! Wisdom Filter Clean’s innovative program was developed to offer a service that cleans dust collector filters and extends the life of the filter while providing significant cost savings for our clients.


As the country’s largest recycler of spent abrasives. Wisdom Environmental has years of experience recycling these items. Wisdom has developed recycling solutions for Spent Steel Shot and Spent Steel Shot Dust allowing our clients to divert millions of pounds of these materials from landfills.


Steel shot
Steel shot dust
NI-contained by-products
Alloy-based metals
Brown-fused alum-oxide
Refractory materials


Wisdom Environmental works with some of the largest manufactures in the country to help them find recycling solutions.


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Wisdom Environmental, Inc. has played an important part in helping to reduce our overall environmental, non-hazardous waste disposal costs. Wisdom has been the key player in helping Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Inc. to set up a recycling program by accepting all types of plastic, rubber and metal materials, which many other companies do not want to accept. Wisdom Environmental, Inc. is continuously assisting TIEM to find new and environmentally preferred ways to dispose of TIEM’S non-hazardous materials.

Being one of the largest stainless-steel manufacturers in the Unites States, from raw material to finished product, you can only imagine the significant costs incurred with waste disposal for our facility. Not only did Wisdom Environmental, Inc. substantially reduce our waste disposal & recycling expenses within months, Wisdom Environmental, Inc. was able to create additional revenue from a variety of our special waste streams when no one else could.