Our approach begins with addressing the immediate, identifiable processes with a by-product that is not currently being recycled or is being under-cycled. Many processes or recycling channels that were implemented a few years ago may not be offering the client the “highest and best use” of the materials. Our experience with clients has shown that Wisdom can expand the reach of manufactures and businesses and in many cases find a better use or buyer for their materials. We will target processes where it is not obvious to recycle and formulate a plan to impact your bottom line.

Wisdom Environmental achieves cost savings through the development of creative recycling programs that consider our client’s complete process. In the competitive world of business, the benefits to the environment must be developed with return on investment in mind. We understand the manufacturing process, so our programs look to minimize changes to processes that are in place, both in space and people, to achieve the goal of recycling. This maximizes the cost savings associated with recycling, benefiting the environment, and ultimately showing tangible savings for the company’s bottom line.


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