The Wisdom Effect begins with the end in mind. Zero Landfill…Maximum Cost Reduction….Minimal Impact to the production process…and a Single Source that never stops trying to find a better way. We take your by-products and associate a value through our knowledge of the manufacturing process and the buying power of the recycling industry. Our goal is to increase our customer’s bottom line while generating success stories regarding our customer’s environmentally friendly practices.

Wisdom’s depth of knowledge and its worldwide vendor network provides an outlet for clients faced with specific problems. We understand that the environmental movement has been just that, a movement that will continue to increase and expand as we move forward. Prior to the environmental movement, many production process produced by-products that were too costly to dispose of using conventional methods. Wisdom specializes in recovering value from these types of materials.

Wisdom is able to assess both materials left over from a former manufacturing process, or materials that accumulate on a daily basis which the company has deemed to costly to landfill. Our knowledge and connections can analyze, sample, and in many cases find “value” in materials that were once deemed “unrecyclable”. This preserves valuable land and space and in some cases provides the client with revenue from materials that may have been considered expenses.


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