WISDOM SteelCrete®

Wisdom SteelCrete® produces concrete products using recycled manufacturer’s by-products from a variety of industries. Our proprietary system replaces a large portion of what is typically used to make concrete with recycled materials to make Wisdom SteelCrete® concrete. This addition of recycled products allows Wisdom SteelCrete® to produce a concrete product that has an integral color and creates a living product that will adopt a rusty patina over time, making traditional concrete look boring.

Wisdom SteelCrete®

Wisdom has developed a sustainable raised garden box with a xxxinch planting depth.

Sizing Available:

Wisdom SteelCrete® PLANTER

Looking to create some “wow” in the garden? Grab one of our sustainable weather-resistant planters that can make any landscape project stand out.

Sizing Available:

Wisdom SteelCrete® PAVERS

Create a path with these long-lasting and maintenance-free pavers perfect for walkways, paths and pool decks.

Sizing Available:

Wisdom SteelCrete® BENCHES

Looking for a gorgeous sustainable bench? These benches are over xxx lbs and will last for years to come.

Sizing Available:

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