Commonly thought of as disposable, Wisdom Filter Clean program can help you save up to 50% of the cost of new air filters by cleaning and returning your dust collector air filters for multiple uses.

Wisdom Filter Clean specializes in the cleaning of oval, round, and tri-oval dust collector cartridge filters. Our proprietary process cleans filters in an environmentally friendly way without the use of solvents or chemicals. Depending on the type of materials contained in the filters, our process can clean the same filter many times over.

Using technology developed by Sonic Dry Clean, Wisdom Filter Clean has adopted a proven technology that has been continuously field tested and improved upon for the past 25 years. Filters are cleaned and tested to bring efficiencies back to close to 100% of that of a new filter. With our Sonic Dry Clean method of cleaning dust collector filters, we use only air to clean both the inside and outside of each filter. Our system’s flexible design allows us to clean a variety of sizes.

Benefits of Using
Wisdom Filter Clean:

  • Up to 50% cost savings 
  • Increased equipment performance
  • Increased system air quality
  • Extended filter life
  • Disposal costs reduction
  • Minimizes landfill waste

The Filter Clean Program

Whether you have one filter or hundreds, our process will help you quickly and easily convert to reusing your air filters. 

Dirty filters can be sent to Wisdom in original packaging where they will be inspected, cleaned, and tested for optimal performance. Filters are repackaged, clearly labeled, and returned to your floor.

It’s that easy!

For continuous uptime, we recommend having two sets of filters in rotation.