Our Recycling Process

Benefits of recycling with Wisdom

  • Some waste is turned into Wisdom SteelCrete® products, giving it a second life
  • Wisdoms is a reliable outlet for manufacturers for their waste streams. No need to rely on changing policies of  your local scrap yard or landfill
  • Allows manufacturers to meet and add to their sustainability goals and metrics
  • Quarterly and annual recycling reports showing amounts of material recycled
  • Waste Streams are used in an environmentally friendly way to make products that are used in a variety of industries
  • Wisdom SteelCrete® concrete uses by-products as a replacement for natural resources found in typical concrete, reducing the amounts of CO2 emissions required to mine those natural resources
  • Our clients can now combine both Spent Steel Shot and Spent Steel Shot Dust on the same truck. No need to wait for full truckloads of each material, saving valuable floor space at your facility. We check every drum and provide detailed reports to our clients for each truck received.