Recycled Steel Shot

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Virgin Shot

Recycled Steel Shot offers significant cost savings and allows our clients to contribute to the Circular Economy.   Using Spent Steel Shot that has been processed according to the SAE Specification for Steel Shot materials, Wisdom can offer our clients an option Free of Scrap Surcharges and volumes from one drum to truckload quantities.  

“Production of New Steel Shot is energy intensive and involves mining and extraction, smelting and refining of steel.  These processes emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane.  Recycled Steel Shot requires none of the above!”

Wisdom sources spent steel shot from clients throughout the United States and then using SAE Specification standards screens, cleans, and packages the recycled steel shot in new 55 gallon drums.

Wisdom maintains and inventory of the following sizes of Recycled Steel Shot:

S70, S110, S170, S230, S280 and S330

(2000 lbs net per drum)

Wisdom can provide delivered pricing for 1 drum up to truckload quantities

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