an eco-friendly alternative to virgin shot

Save money and reduce your environmental footprint with quality recycled steel shot. 

A Better Investment in Your Company & the Planet

Avoid scrap surcharges and lower your material costs by incorporating quality recycled steel shot into your manufacturing process. Wisdom Environmental cleans, screens, and carefully sizes spent steel shot according to SAE specifications and packages it in supersacks or 55 gallon drums. Whether you purchase one drum or multiple truckloads, your purchase of recycled steel shot no only contributes to our circular economy, it offsets the environmental impact of virgin shot production. 

New steel shot production is exceptionally energy intensive, requiring mining, extraction, smelting, and refining of the material. In addition, these processes emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane.

Wisdom sources spent steel shot from clients throughout North America and commonly offers S330, S280, S230, S170, S110, S70 sizes, subject to availability. 

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Wisdom maintains an inventory of the following sizes of Recycled Steel Shot

S70, S110, S170, S230, S280 and S330

(2000 lbs net per drum)

Wisdom can provide delivered pricing for quantities from one drum up to truckloads. Also available in supersacks.

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