steel shot dust recycling

a better solution

Increasingly rejected by landfills and scrap yards, steel shot dust can be one of your biggest recycling challenges.

We’d like to change that. 

Wisdom Gives Shot Dust A New Life

Wisdom Environmental is the leading provider of iron-based shot dust recycling in the country, reusing it in our innovative SteelCrete products, including commerical bin/blocks, and landscaping blocks, pavers, and decor. Most of our clients take advantage of Wisdom’s mixed load shipping policy, sending both spent steel shot and shot dust in the same load to get these byproducts off the manufacturing floor and into the circular economy. 

Introducing Wisdom SteelCrete®

A stunning second life for steel shot dust and other hard to recycle waste streams, Wisdom Steelcrete offers cast bunker/bin and landscape blocks, pavers, and decor.