WISDOM SteelCrete®

As landfill resources become less available and the criteria of disposal becomes more stringent, many manufacturers are faced with limited options for the disposal of their dust waste streams. Traditional outlets for dust streams are becoming more scarce and when available, are unreliable and are subject to volatile market conditions.

Wisdom SteelCrete has developed a technology that allows certain waste streams, such as dust from shot blasting and other operations to be used as an ingredient in our Wisdom SteelCrete concrete product. Pre-cast products produced using Wisdom SteelCrete concrete will develop a rusty “patina” over time and creates a unique look that traditional concrete does not offer.

Using this technology, we can create concrete products used in a variety of applications. Using manufacturing by-products in our process gives manufacturers an outlet that meets their goals of sustainability, landfill diversion, cost savings, and provides a reliable outlet for these waste streams month in and month out.

Materials used in Wisdom’s SteelCrete Concrete

  • Spent Steel Shot Dust
  • Glass Bead Dust
  • Plastic Blast Media
  • Laser Dust

Wisdom is constantly investigating by-products that can be used in our SteelCrete concrete.  Wisdom extensively tests products to make sure they will perform as expected in our pre-cast concrete products. If you have a by-product that your looking to recycle…..it may be a candidate for and ingredient in our SteelCrete concrete.  

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