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What is Recycled Steel Shot?

Learn how steel shot is recycled and the environmental and cost-savings benefits for your company.

You may not know that spent steel shot and steel shot dust can be recycled and reused. These services aren’t widely available, but more companies are seeking out specialty recyclers like Wisdom Environmental to help them reduce costs and achieve their zero-landfill goals.

How Steel Shot is Recycled 

Recycling steel shot involves several steps to clean and reprocess it. First, used steel shot is collected from industrial blasting operations or shooting range and brought to the recycling facility. The collected shot often contains contaminants like dust, paint, rust, and other debris which is separated from the steel shot using a screening technique. Shot is then sorted based on size to ensure uniformity in the recycled product. Lastly shot is repackaged, labeled, and sold at a substantial discount relative to virgin shot. 

Is Recycled Steel Shot a Good Choice for My Company? 

There are many benefits to incorporating recycled steel shot into your purchasing practices and manufacturing processes: 

1. Cost Savings:  Using recycled steel shot can be cost-effective compared to purchasing new shot, as it reduces the need for raw materials and can lower waste disposal costs.

2. Environmental Benefits:  Recycling steel shot reduces the demand for new resources and helps decrease the environmental impact of mining and manufacturing new steel shot.

3. Quality and Performance: Recycled steel shot can perform similarly to new shot if it has been properly processed and meets quality standards. However, it’s essential to ensure that the recycled shot is of sufficient quality for your application.

4. Regulatory Compliance:  Using recycled materials can align with environmental regulations and demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability.

When deciding whether recycled steel shot is a good choice for your company, consider factors such as the quality and availability of recycled shot, the specific requirements of your processes, and any regulatory considerations. You will also want to evaluate possible cost reduction and environmental impact of purchasing recycled shot over virgin product.  

Curious to know if recycled steel shot is a good fit for your business? Wisdom Environmental offers quality recycled steel shot in a variety of sizes – screened, cleaned, and sorted to SAE standards. Contact a Wisdom rep to discuss how your company can recycle your spent shot, purchase recycled shot, or both. 

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